Painted Glass


Painted glass is a modern alternative to tiles and laminates in the world’s decorative and architectural industries. The actual colors are base on the part style of opaque, satin-effect, transparent, pearlized, metallic, glitter, silkscreen, three-D and others such as acid-etched glass, pattern glass, glass lacquer, water based ranges, tempered glass, insulated glass, and laminated glass. Our glass products can easily implement in various types of applications such as kitchen wall panel, bathroom wall panel, lift wall panel, counters, partitions, table tops, steps, commercial interior, signboard, whiteboard, cabinet door.


  • The decor of a room can be enhanced by adding inserts to wall units, kitchen cabinet inserts, or a fireplace screen.
  • Rooms can easily be accessorized with 3-dimentional boxes, desk accessories, terrariums, table center pieces or wall panels.
  • When using clear textured glass one can achieve privacy and elegance while allowing a greater amount of light to pass.
  • Curtains and large windows need maintenance and tend to gather dust and dirt that can cause health problems. Painted glass could be the answer.


  • Interior and exterior decoration.
  • Kitchen wall panel.
  • Display counter and window.
  • Cabinet doors.
  • Furniture


Thickness: 3mm-12mm